Bedroom presentation to sell your home

Bedroom presentation to sell your home

Bedrooms are meant to be a place of tranquillity, calm and most importantly, a good night’s sleep. This may not be the reality for everyone, especially in these times when more of us are working from home and having to hide ourselves away in our bedrooms for important and uninterrupted calls and Zoom meetings, but if you’re trying to sell your home, presenting it in the right way is an absolute must.

Here are our 5 tips for presenting your bedrooms to help the speedy sale of your property.

Clear the clutter

As with most rooms in your house, clearing the clutter is an easy way to improve its presentation. But in the bedrooms, we don’t just mean photo frames, ornaments and trinkets, we mean furniture too. Space is incredibly important in bedrooms, and the only furniture you really need is a bed (which should be the focal point), a wardrobe or a chest of drawers and a bedside table or cabinet. Anything else is just eating space, so try to remove it if you can.

The de-cluttering goes for inside your wardrobes too. Storage is key in bedrooms and we’ve met very few purchasers who don’t like a sneaky peak in the wardrobes, whether they’re built in or free-standing. If your wardrobes are bursting it gives the message that there’s not enough storage.

Create the right atmosphere

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms and it’s easy to become nose-blind to our everyday scent. Make sure bedrooms are well-aired and smelling clean and fresh prior to viewings. Freshly washed bed linen for viewings is a good idea not only to create a fresh scent, but to enhance visual appeal too.

Temperature is also essential in creating the right sleeping environment. According to the ‘The Sleep Foundation’ the perfect temperature for a good night sleep is 18.3°C. If a room is too cold or too warm and stuffy this can deter potential buyers from making an offer.

Make mine a double!

A double bedroom is, generally speaking, more desirable that a single. If you’re bedrooms can accommodate a double bed it’s important to demonstrate that where possible. Now we’re not suggesting buying new furniture to sell your house – that would be silly, but maybe you’re using the spare room as an office or you have a bedroom that’s being used for storage. In these circumstances putting in a made up airbed could help a potential buyer see past the current use of the room and leave them in no doubt that it can accommodate a double bed.

Consider the room layout

Often, and particularly in children’s bedrooms the bed will be pushed against the wall to allow more space in the room. This may not be the best layout to really sell your bedrooms (although it may be the most practical for you). Making the bed the main focal point of the room, with access to get in it from both sides can make it more appealing.

The finishing touches

As with all rooms, décor is a big deal. Our recommendation for bedrooms are keep it simple and coordinated with no bold statements. Think white bed linen, neutral walls, blinds or curtains that are thick enough to create enough darkness for good sleep, a few scatter cushions and perhaps a throw, et voila!


So there you have it. Our five tips to present bedrooms to help sell your property. Of course, the golden rule to finish on, which goes for every room in the house, is make sure it’s tidy. Make the bed as neatly as you can, remove overflowing laundry baskets, put children’s toys away, have a quick dust and hoover and clear away unnecessary clutter.

If you’re interested in selling your property and would like a free valuation from our friendly and knowledgeable team, get in touch today.

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