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I meant to write this review some time, ago. Had an excellent experience with Durrants, although the purchase never completed through no fault of theirs.

I originally saw a property advertised on Maundy Thursday, and they immediately accommodated me to visit on the following day, Good Friday, once they were aware that it was the only day I could make, and I had a 3 hour + drive.

Penny met us at the property, and was very helpful, providing us with lots of advice and ideas. Unfortunately we were pipped at the post by another buyer, but Durrants were fair and very professional in giving us a fair opportunity – Thank you (I think it was Jan – apologies If I’ve got this wrong)

There were some misunderstandings on my part, having been out of the property market for 27 years, but these were dealt with professionally, so much so, that when the property came back onto the market, we were immediately given 1st refusal. Another quick trip was arranged and we met Penny again at the property. She gave us time and space to fully appraise the property and again was full of helpful advice and ideas. She even introduced us to the owner and arranged and extended stay as she had to leave for another appointment. Speaking to the owner was invaluable.

Unfortunately, during this visit, we realised that this was not the dream property we were looking for, and declined to confirm our offer. However, this was not reflection on Durrants, who were professional throughout, and I have no hesitation in recommending them as an agent.