Basic Payment Scheme, Grant Schemes and Environmental Stewardship


Basic Payment Scheme

Durrants undertakes applications for a wide range of clients throughout Norfolk and Suffolk from smaller farms through to larger estates. We are fully aware of the Basic Payment Scheme rules and requirements and are able to offer clients up to date advice which takes into account farming operations, land occupation arrangements and other schemes such as Stewardship agreements.

Our service is designed to keep you up to date with both the current legislation and the changes that will happen following Brexit, to remove all the stress and hassle involved with dealing with the scheme, allowing you the time to get on and farm.

We would be more than happy to assist with any BPS work on your behalf so please contact us well before the application deadline if you require assistance. We regularly help clients during inspections, although our preference is to ensure that well in advance of any inspection that the necessary paperwork is in place.

We undertake transfers of entitlements for landowners, buyers and tenants. We also trade entitlements and normally have various blocks for sale. We are able to prepare NVZ management plans, Risk Assessments and Manure storage calculations in order to comply with BPS Cross Compliance requirements.

Countryside Stewardship

We offer evaluation and advice on the suitability of the new Countryside Stewardship schemes and guidance of which tier is right for your farm business. We will ensure we maximise income and environmental benefits without restricting the farm business. There are now three different tiers of Countryside Stewardship Schemes;

CS for Wildlife Schemes
    • Arable Package
    • Mixed Farming Package
    • Lowland Grazing Package
    • Upland Grazing Package

Mid-Tier Countryside Stewardship
Higher Tier Countryside Stewardship

Each tier has its benefits and drawbacks and our knowledgeable team are best placed to advise on which scheme will best fit with your farming business.

Management of Environmental Stewardship (ELS/HLS)

With a vast amount of Environmental Stewardship agreements still being managed across the country, we provide advice to our clients regarding ongoing ELS and HLS schemes and assist with the submission of annual claim forms. We can also help with the impact and connection of these schemes with the Basic Payment Scheme, assist with inspections by Natural England and provide advice on option criteria for both schemes.

CSS Woodland Creation, Woodland Grant Scheme and Farm Woodland Grant Scheme

Grant funding is available for the creation and sustainable management of forests and woodland across the country and our team can advise and assist clients through the application process for each scheme. We have experience with managing woodland grant schemes for a vast amount of clients from single blocks of woodland to large areas on Estates.

Rural Development Programme for England – LEADER, Growth Programme, Countryside Productivity

Grant funding is now more limited with applications for any external funding becoming a more complex and competitive process, with tight deadlines. We can offer comprehensive advice and provide you with a competitive advantage for any proposed project where you are interested in obtaining grant funding. We understand the strict eligibility criteria of these schemes and the grant process and have a successful track record of obtaining funding across an extensive array of funding opportunities.

Grant funding can allow a project to become viable and take it from an initial idea to a realistic venture. As the future Rural Development Programme unfolds, funding opportunities will continue to arise. Opportunities include Environmental Schemes, enhancing the Rural Economy, increasing Tourism in rural areas and allowing Research and Development for new technologies. Whilst the scheme detail and eligibility criteria will change, the application process however is likely to remain similarly complex and competitive. We can advise you on all stages from the initial project idea to eligibility, making the application, applying for planning permission, obtaining competitive quotations for works, producing a business plan to meet the financial and employment criteria and claiming the money following the works.